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What is Literature review and its Purpose

Literature gives us an opportunity to use the experience and discoveries of other people who have dedicated their lives to the research and study. Summarizing professional literature, you focus on the specific topic that you re interesting it and criticize the data, collecting the most relevant facts. Groundwork of other people provides with the priceless information like potential solutions to scientific problems and barriers, get help and inspiring ideas from the investigation holdings, interpretations and theories that have been accumulated for years and even ages. It is the basis of any research.

Why does It Sound like a Hard Work

Writing literature assignment requires much time, primarily on reading articles and collecting the data. Commonly, professors ask to read several of them, so that a student has enough sources for writing a qualitative review paper with the good response to the main topic.

Writing a literature review requires a quick mind and some experience in reading, at least of the similar books as well as collecting and searching information quickly and efficiently. It may also require a help of an experienced person. You are to summarize the existing books on the theme It is extremely difficult to fulfil such an assignment if the topic isn’t interesting for you. Therefore, it is good to turn to write my literature review service.

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How Literature Review Differs from Research Paper

Long story short, a research article is a primary source and a literary review is the second one. The research implies methods and results of the work conducted by the authors. The survey is about other articles. This type of work provides a great overview of existing research papers and studies.

A research may be a survey or an interview – a student is to collect the raw data and work it through to write the results and conclusions. Such survey helps to critically analyze the published books and is aimed at overviewing of the theme’s current state of understanding. If you have difficulties with writing this type of paperwork, we can eagerly help you. We are a leading literature review writing service in the UK.

Components of the Literature Review

This paperwork consists of 3 main parts:

  1. Introduction. This is a part dedicated to surveys articles, notes and other useful sources that are considered relevant to the topic. This is done to provide with an overview of significant works available on the theme.
  2. Body/Components. They consist of 4 stages: problem formulation, a search of the material, evaluation of the info, analysis, and interpretation. A student is to compare the works he mentions to make understand why they are relevant. He is also to clarify his credentials, proves his objectivity and persuasiveness, as well as the value of his paperwork.
  3. Conclusion/Definition and Use. Sometimes, an essential chapter of a thesis or dissertation is used in the work. This part is for drawing conclusions and summarizing key questions and controversies that are still unanswered.

Steps in the Literature Review Process

The process of writing requires several crucial steps:

  • Look through APA guidelines. They are the basic elements of the correct writing in this style (including such important things life fonts, spacing, headings, citation, abstract, quotations and so on).
  • Choose a topic. Pick a topic that you like and are interested in. It will make the process of writing easier and more pleasant.
  • Collect the necessary data. You need to collect the literature that you intend to review. Use online libraries and databases.
  • Analyze the data you have collected. Overview of the material, group the articles into categories, make notes, define the main terms, note emphases, strengths and weaknesses, select quotes and so on.
  • Summarize the given data and make tables.
  • Synthesize the data before starting your text.
  • Start with the introduction, then write the body and make conclusions.

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