The Steps to Write a Book Report Efficiently

College life is tough because it is not just about all the fun and frolic. You need to respect deadlines of the assignments that the teacher will give you. Writing book report is no fun because it may sound easy, but you have to follow a particular format. The opening paragraph has to be spectacular and interesting. We always suggest students turning to writing services to save time, patience and money.

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The Definition 

The book report is basically an essay which discusses a particular book. What does the novel contain? What is the plot? It is written as a part of the class project which many school/college students have to finish. Please note that it is not the same as reviews. Never confuse the two because they are two different things. 

How to start?

You have to read the novel before writing the report thoroughly. Write main characters and the main ideas. Make sure you read every single word! Giving an outline will help the reader to understand the flow of the text.  

The following elements are important. Take a quick look! 

  • The type of novel
  • Title 
  • Author
  • Time period/era that the novel talks about
  • Location of story where it takes place 

You have started with an interesting introduction. State the author and title. Once this is done, you have to get to the body of your paper. You have to explain the plot, the characters, and the story. What happens in the novel? Who was the story about? You have to mention all that in the body. 

How to conclude?

Finish by mentioning what you thought about the book! Did you like it? Would you recommend it to everybody? How did it make you feel? You should be able to explain all this. Be open provide a critique of the novel. The good bad should be written within the text. It shows your honesty and how you have concentrated on reading the entire story. 

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